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About Us

G2 Tactical & Ballistic Solutions was created to develop and distribute cutting edge hunting, Tactical & Ballistic Products to the firearm sports community. We are continuously creating, sampling, investigating and evaluating products to bring to the market that will improve your shooting or make your life easier.

Greg Orr, Co-Founder
Greg Orr, Partner

Greg is a native Texan. Work has taken him from Dallas, to California, back to Dallas, to Washington DC and end up in Houston.

Greg has been married to Melissa for 30 years and has 4 children. Greg developed a passion for firearms from his time in the Texas Panhandle hunting quail and pheasant to the stock ponds hunting ducks. However, it was not until he was introduced to the art of long range precision rifle target shooting did he fall in love with art of shooting.

Most any weekend you will find Greg on a gun range practicing and shooting something.

 Greg Orr - Director of Tactical Products
Tel: 713-560-6181
Email: greg@g-2solutions.com


Gerald Schneider, Co-Founder
Gerald Schneider, Partner

Born in Germany and moved to Georgia, Gerald did not grow up into a hunting family. It was not until a neighbor introduced Gerald to the Hunting sport that he fell in love with all things outdoors.

Gerald has been married to Jenny for 7 years and has 5 kids. There are not many weekends that Gerald does not have his family in the outdoors either hunting, fishing or both.

Gerald ultimately wants to produce and hunt in an Outdoor & Hunting Show.

Gerald Schneider - Director of Hunting Products
Tel: 713-471-5812
Email: gerald@g-2solutions.com